About SprintPak, Inc.

We’re creative and flexible. Your solutions are here, waiting for you.

Located in rural Homerville, Ohio, 2020 is our 37th year! We started as Print Marketing Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. Our business grew and evolved, from printing to packaging, kitting, product assembly, and shipping platforms. We changed our name to Sprintpak Inc. in 2003 to better reflect what we’re about, but the important things are the same: ownership, great work ethic, and customer satisfaction.

We’re about doing things your way and making sure you’re happy with our work.

About Our People

Our unique location in a large Amish community makes for a top-notch workforce. We live and work together in an industrious and trustful environment. An honest day’s work is the rule, not the exception at SprintPak, Inc.


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