Contract Packaging

1There’s a good reason why our name is SprintPak.
We’re good and fast.

Helping you manage and move your projects along without wasting time is our goal. We know you need things fast and we’re here to do that for you. You’ll always feel like a VIP with Sprintpak.

Ask about our cost-free tooling solutions.

With contract packaging solutions from SprintPak, there are several cost-free set up and tooling programs to get your products to market quickly, with lower up-front costs.

No products left behind

Our comprehensive visual packaging solutions include clamshell, blister, Stretchpak, pouches, plastic tubes, and polybags.

More Packaging Solutions:

  • Printed and unprinted bags
  • Folding cartons
  • Labeling
  • Liquid bottle filling
  • Sensormatic source tagging
  • Case packing & bar coding
  • P.O.P. display assembly and loading
  • Re-packaging and repair


This economical and sustainable hybrid of a blister and a clamshell use 50-75% less plastic and offers superior visibility. Get the security of a clamshell at the cost of a blister pack.

Here are some examples of our sealing processes.

Clamshell Sealing

This animation demonstrates how our U/V clamshell sealer works to give your clamshells a permanent, secure bond. As you can see, no special tooling or set-up is required. This clamshell is not only tamper-proof, but it is the most cost-effective solution available today. There are NO expensive tooling or set-up costs, as you have with sonic welding and RF sealing.

Blister Sealing

We can seal your products in partial or full-face carded blister packaging.

Case Study:

A hand tool company needed a co-packer to package retail-ready products which are sold in major home improvement chain stores. They wanted to keep their inventory costs at a minimum. Sprintpak entered into an agreement with them to stock their packaging components and co-pack their products for immediate shipment. Sprintpak packed, labeled and shipped their products directly to the distribution center and kept track of their packaging components and finished goods. Sprintpak helped the customer reduce their on-hand inventory by 38%.