Custom Pallets & Crates

Sustainable wood products are at the core of our in-house manufactured pallets and crates.

We manufacture ISPM 15 Certified export pallets and crates. We can build any size or quantity of custom pallet, crate, or shipping container you need. We use hardwoods, softwoods, and ISPM 15 compliant materials, plus hardware reinforcement when needed. Our builders are expertly skilled at making sure that your custom pallets, crates or shipping containers are accurately constructed.

With SprintPak, you’re getting brand new wood and fasteners.

When stock pallets aren’t good enough, Sprintpak has your solution.

Our dedicated custom wood working shop turns out thousands of custom pallets every year.

Each custom job is carefully measured, cut, assembled and inspected to precise specifications.

Each wood product is hand-built which ensures accuracy and safety from misfired, protruding nails.

We keep a pre-built stock for blanket orders so we can ship to you same-day.

Customers used to tell us our pallets were “too good”. Now, with sustainability being the new imperative, the market is demanding what we’ve been making all along: high quality, durable, and re-usable wood products.

ISPM Certified pallets and crates for worldwide shipping.

Case Study:

A manufacturer of construction equipment needed small runs of highly customized, strong shipping platforms for small, heavy machines. Other pallet companies did not want to bother with low quantities of these items. Sprintpak partnered with the customer to design and supply over 30 different items on a regular basis, some of which required export-compliant certification. Another supplier came in, low-balled the price and failed to perform, causing the customer to experience shipping delays and lost income. Sprintpak re-partnered with the customer to provide uninterrupted service and top quality for them, and we build ahead for immediate shipment.