Product Assembly

3Building Your Products

Custom product assembly by SprintPak can be more cost-effective than doing it yourselves. Our facilities are specifically designed to assemble and package your products.

Using a combination of innovative methods and mechanical know-how, our product assembly team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.  We’ll be happy to complete a few assemblies at no charge and provide you with quotations for your complete product assembly projects.

assembly_1Every product assembly job starts with a customized, organized workstation, set up to assemble your products.

assembly_2Work stations equipped with air and bench tools for labor-intensive assembly.

assembly_3Product assembly and kitting and packaging in one facility is cost effective.

Production MIG, TIG, spot welding, stick welding, plasma cutting.

An animated example of an actual SprintPak product assembly.

Case Study:

An importer of precision components assembled in the USA had production issues trying to assemble products in-house. They incurred major cost overruns due to unreliable temporary workers who could not consistently produce quality products or predictable quantities. They also had problems with inventory “shrink” of components and finished goods. Sprintpak took on the assembly of their items, lowered their costs, and eliminated their production problems. This allowed them to focus on sourcing and Sprintpak put the pieces together.