Stop Kitting Yourselves
(Hire us to do it.)

The time you spend kitting and organizing workstations is time and money wasted on slower production turns and labor costs.

When SprintPak kits your components they’re ready to use or ready to ship to your customers. It’s that simple.

Focus on the business you’re in and let us take the hassle out of kitting your parts.

Organizing, sorting and labeling is done for you.

Components are weighed on counting scales for accurate quantities in each kit.

Gloves and safety gear kitted for on-site vending machines in manufacturing plants.

Kits in reusable containers or retail-ready packaging.

Case Study:

A major distributor of fasteners needed to supply their customers with parts in bagged and boxed kits for manufacturing line production. Sprintpak developed a custom program for kitting their parts and supplying their customers with kits. Kitting went from being a money-losing nuisance to a value-added profit center for them, which they now enthusiastically sell to their customers.